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No other motor oil outperforms AMSOIL.

  • Up to 25,000 MILE OIL CHANGES - No other major brand motor oil on Earth guarantees this.

  • Increases fuel economy

  • More horsepower and torque

  • Better cold-temperature starting, down to -54 °F

  • Lower engine wear

  • Long and proven history, it is the first API-rated 100% synthetic oil (1972)

  • Best of all - YOU SAVE MONEY


Click HERE to see 2009 comparative tests proving that no competing motor oil is better than AMSOIL.


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AMSOIL - Celebrating 40 Years!

Tom Kingston

AMZOIL Can from 1972


Back in 1972, AMSOIL became the first 100% synthetic motor oil to become API-qualified.  Since then many oils have come to meet AMSOIL's challenge, but none can compare to our quality!  Just take a look at our synthetic oil comparisons.  And as you can see in the picture of the AMSOIL can from 1972 (back then named AMZOIL), we've always had our 25,000 mile or 1 year guarantee.  Check out our Signature Series line of synthetic oils for the best quality oils money can buy.  The best performance, the best fuel economy, the best oil.  Thanks for 40 years and millions of gallons of AMSOIL produced!

Last Updated ( Saturday, March 24 2012 13:16 )

AMSOIL Launches New Motorcycle Octane Boost


On March 1st, 2012, AMSOIL Inc announced that it is releasing a new product called AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost.  It is designed to increase the octane rating of your gas by 3 numbers, helping primarily with startup engine performance and eliminating engine ping or knock.  So at low RPMs you will have increased power, allowing you to get up and go even quicker!  And since AMSOIL only wants to produce the best for your engine, it contains detergents that will help keep your combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems free of contaminants.  This obviously helps keep your bike running with the maximum power it was designed to have. For those concerned about their catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost won't harm those components when using the product at the recommended treatment rate.  For the time being, AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost is only shipping in the USA.  Enjoy!   

Last Updated ( Wednesday, March 07 2012 15:33 )

Team AMSOIL Wins ERX National

Tom Kingston

Congrats to Robbie Malinoski and Team AMSOIL for their win at the ERX National over the past weekend in Elk River, MN!  I'm sure it was a bit tough to keep the snow from melting in the near 70-degree weather, but the fans must have loved the warmth and rockin' atmosphere.


AMSOIL synthetic oil does it again.  Just take a look at this pic from the race - AWESOME!

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil ERX National

Last Updated ( Wednesday, March 14 2012 21:00 )

Erik Buell Named 2011 Motorcyclist of the Year


Erik Buell, who factory fills AMSOIL in all his manufactured motorcycles, has been named 2011 Motorcyclist of the Year by Motorcyclist magazine.  This year he has had one of the greatest comebacks by a motorcycle manufacturer in history.  Having many setbacks prior to the release of his newest motorcycle, the EBR 1190RS has now been a fantastic success. Congratulations Erik!

Last Updated ( Monday, August 22 2011 08:29 )

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