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AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf (ROTS) Account

Are you looking to sell AMSOIL at your place of business? Did you know that AMSOIL products can get you 25% profitability or more? AMSOIL is in high demand and will bring even more customers into your store! If that interests you then an AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf (ROTS) Account is for you.

Benefits of Opening an AMSOIL ROTS Account

  • 25% or More Profitability
  • Buy at Wholesale Prices
  • Free Account and No Fees Whatsoever!
  • Get your business listed & searchable on's Product Locator
  • No Minimum Ordering Requirements
  • 50% and 100% Shipping Discount Available
  • Internet and Phone Ordering
  • Free Unlimited Technical Support
  • 3-5% Cash Back for Advertising/Promotional Materials
  • 30 Day Credit Line Available
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Examples of AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf Accounts

  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Oil Changing Facilities
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Gas Stations
  • Recreational Vehicle Stores
  • Hardware Stores

Account Requirements

  • Business must operate out of a storefront or outlet (no home-based businesses)
  • Business must sell associated merchandise at retail prices
  • Business cannot sell AMSOIL products through the internet or retail catalogs
  • Business cannot sell AMSOIL products outside the United States or Canada
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How to Set Up an AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf Account

To set up an AMSOIL ROTS account simply fill out the form below (remember, the account is free!). The approval process may take up to 3 business days. During that time AMSOIL may have additional questions which would need to be answered. Upon acceptance of your application, AMSOIL will send you a ROTS Program packet containing a catalog, price list, AMSOIL door sign, and an optional 30-day credit application. AMSOIL can also accept a tax exemption certificate from your business, and the form is available upon request.

We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you and your business!

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Ordering by Phone?

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Hours: 7 am to 5 pm Central, M-F
When calling, please provide Referral # 1851728

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