AMSOIL Introduces Engine Builder's Package


AMSOIL has recently unveiled the full suite of engine builder's oil. From installing the first bearing to running the final mile, the AMSOIL engine builder's package helps minimize harmful friction and wear while maximizing torque and horsepower.

Step 1: Build with AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube
Formulated for extreme tackiness, this oil will tenaciously cling to engine parts. It also provides the exceptional wear protection that you need in those first moments of little-to-no oil pressure. Then, when you have extended periods where you just can't finish your engine project, AMSOIL Assembly Lube will resist rust and moisture that is common to inactivity.  Finally, the lube is designed to dissolve in engine oil so that it won't clog up your oil ports.

Step 2: Break in with AMSOIL SAE 30 Break-In Oil
This oil gives you the most efficient piston ring seating, and provides a high level of anti-wear protection for those sensitive cam lobes, lifters, and rockers through zinc and phosphorus. You can also expect increased compression, horsepower, and torque for maximum engine performance.

Step 3: Drive hard with AMSOIL Dominator and Z-Rod Oil
After the break-in period use the best motor oil on the planet.  AMSOIL Dominator oil will give you the anti-shearing and anti-wear properties you need at high RPMs, while AMSOIL Z-Rod will give you protection and horsepower for your classic cars and performance vehicles. High zinc, high phosphorus, and rust/corrosion protection are the name of the game for this oil.

Take your engine building to the highest level with the AMSOIL Engine builder's package.

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