There are many opportunities to save money on AMSOIL products for businesses that want to purchase wholesale.  Different programs are suited for different types of usage by a business.  The following list outlines the programs, benefits, and scenarios where they are used.

AMSOIL Dealership (click here to register for an account online and to get more details) - This program is how a company can potentially save the most money on the purchase of products.  As with all business accounts, the dealer will buy at dealer cost and get the lowest possible price at which products can be bought.  Next, AMSOIL dealers get additional savings through commissions on their own purchases (we won't go into the commission schedule here in this article).  Another good way that dealers can make money is by sponsoring other dealers.  The caveat to using this program is that the dealership will either need to be owned individually by an owner/stakeholder in the company, or it will need to be owned by the company, and there would be additional legal considerations for the owners since the dealership would be receiving commission checks.

AMSOIL Commercial Account (click here to register for an account online and to get more details)- This program allows a company to receive product at dealer cost and is only allowed to use product on their own equipment.  The reselling of AMSOIL products is prohibited using this program (reselling is allowed as a Dealership or Retail Account, which is described next).  This program is very well suited for businesses like:
* Trucking Companies
* Taxi Fleets
* Golf Courses
* Farms
* Construction Companies
* Manufacturing Facilities
* Municipalities
* Government Agencies

AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf Account (click here to register for an account online and to get more details) - This program allows a business to buy AMSOIL product at dealer cost and then resell it on a retail shelf for a profit.  The Retail Account does not allow reselling through the internet or retail catalogs, nor does it allow advertising prices on any national medium.  This program is for companies like
* Auto Parts Stores
* Gas Stations
* Oil Changing Facilities
* Auto Repair Shops

A final great benefit of these programs is that AMSOIL will discount shipping based upon the size of orders, potentially saving quite a bit of money!

There are thousands of businesses with these types of accounts across the United States, Canada, and other countries.  Please click on the links above to set up an account or find out more information!

About the Author: Tom Kingston is the Owner and Founder of, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer.