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Tom Kingston, Certified AMSOIL Dealer, Founder of

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Tom Kingston

Tom Kingston

Tom Kingston is a certified AMSOIL dealer and founder of

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There are many opportunities to save money on AMSOIL products for businesses that want to purchase wholesale.  Different programs are suited for different types of usage by a business.  The following list outlines the programs, benefits, and scenarios where they are used.

AMSOIL Dealership (click here to register for an account online and to get more details) - This program is how a company can potentially save the most money on the purchase of products.  As with all business accounts, the dealer will buy at dealer cost and get the lowest possible price at which products can be bought.  Next, AMSOIL dealers get additional savings through commissions on their own purchases (we won't go into the commission schedule here in this article).  Another good way that dealers can make money is by sponsoring other dealers.  The caveat to using this program is that the dealership will either need to be owned individually by an owner/stakeholder in the company, or it will need to be owned by the company, and there would be additional legal considerations for the owners since the dealership would be receiving commission checks.

AMSOIL Commercial Account (click here to register for an account online and to get more details)- This program allows a company to receive product at dealer cost and is only allowed to use product on their own equipment.  The reselling of AMSOIL products is prohibited using this program (reselling is allowed as a Dealership or Retail Account, which is described next).  This program is very well suited for businesses like:
* Trucking Companies
* Taxi Fleets
* Golf Courses
* Farms
* Construction Companies
* Manufacturing Facilities
* Municipalities
* Government Agencies

AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf Account (click here to register for an account online and to get more details) - This program allows a business to buy AMSOIL product at dealer cost and then resell it on a retail shelf for a profit.  The Retail Account does not allow reselling through the internet or retail catalogs, nor does it allow advertising prices on any national medium.  This program is for companies like
* Auto Parts Stores
* Gas Stations
* Oil Changing Facilities
* Auto Repair Shops

A final great benefit of these programs is that AMSOIL will discount shipping based upon the size of orders, potentially saving quite a bit of money!

There are thousands of businesses with these types of accounts across the United States, Canada, and other countries.  Please click on the links above to set up an account or find out more information!

About the Author: Tom Kingston is the Owner and Founder of, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer.


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AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic Oil is a 2-cycle oil that is made with one thing in mind: outperform all other 2-cycle oils for snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and PWCs.  Period.  In fact, this has always been the goal for all of AMSOIL's products, but this one is special.  It's special because AMSOIL knows this product holds a place in the hearts of powersports enthusiasts world-wide.  Just go to any big snowmobile race in the USA and you will see AMSOIL being used everywhere.  Take a look at the decals and you'll see AMSOIL's name all over.  Or just ask the 4-time Eagle River Snowmobile World Champion (2011, 2006, 2003, 2002) PJ Wanderscheid what brand of synthetic snowmobile oil he uses.  He will tell you AMSOIL.  You can also ask one of the many people who've provided AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Oil Reviews.

Now, I'm not telling you to go and race professionally using AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil.  If you're going to open the throttle every possible chance you get, switch on over to the AMSOIL DOMINATOR® 2-Cycle Oil page and grab some of that.  But if you enjoy pushing your machine to the edge repeatedly during all-day, aggressive riding sessions, then this is the synthetic 2-cycle oil for you.

So what specifically does AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil do for you?

What about the anti-scuff/anti-wear properties of AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil?  As 2-cycle engines have evolved, they have consistenly required leaner and leaner gas-to-oil mixtures.  Using less oil in the gas means there is more opportunity for metal engine components to come into contact with other metal engine parts.  However, AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® uses proprietary, high molecular weight components that resist the burn-off process of an engine and more of the oil is able to lubricate the engine parts that are supposed to be lubricated.

Deposit Control - Protects Power Exhaust Valves
One of the more important aspects of the oil is that it is proven to protect your snowmobile's Power Exhaust Valves.  AMSOIL performed a field study on a 2011 Polaris® 800 Assault snowmobile and had it used for 2 full seasons.  After the 1,300 miles (yes, that is probably more than most of us ride our sleds in 2 years!) of riding, the exhaust power valves showed very limited deposits which allowed continuous high-performance operation.

Proven Protection for Rotax® E-TEC® Engines
AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil was also tested using in a standard ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) test on the Rotax® E-TEC® Engine and the oil performed brilliantly (see the published results here).  The reason I mention that ASTM tests were used is because anyone could look up the ASTM test, perform it, and if AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil did not perform as our test results show then they could debunk our claim - but it has never been debunked because they found the same results!  So you should have absolutely no reservations about using it in these engines.

Warranty Secure™
Your factory warranty will remain intact using AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil.  AMSOIL's Warranty Secure™ pledge also means that when using AMSOIL products adorned with this symbol, your components are protected by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty (G1363).  For more details, click here.

So when you get out and ride this winter, make sure to go for the best.  Make sure that you don't compromise your engine's power and protection.  Make sure that you give yourself the best chance your engine will perform when it needs to and you don't break down.  I recommend AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® oil.

About the Author: Tom Kingston is the Owner and Founder of, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer. 


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The family saw me off the morning of the AMSOIL Distribution Center Open House in
Superior, Wisconsin. After the kids were treated to doughnuts and my wife an extra cup
of coffee, they took off for an afternoon of sightseeing while I dived into my AMSOIL

First off, I took the opportunity to check in with the AMSOIL corporate staff including
VP of Operations Scott Davis and Regional Sales Manager Tim Golden. The casual
environment offered a good chance to talk about the challenges of leadership as well as to
stock up on some AMSOIL product.

Tim Golden began the hour-long corporate presentation with an awards ceremony of
sorts. I was honored to be recognized as placing Ninth in “New Qualified Dealers and
Accounts” in the USA and Canada for 2011. He moved on to announcing new products, and two additional
viscosities were introduced for the AMSOIL OE Oil and AMSOIL European Oil product lines. A
fresh marketing program was also rolled out, detailing the AMSOIL Warranty Secure
symbol. This logo will now be present on all company automotive engine oil products.
The goal is to reassure consumers that their vehicle’s warranty will remain valid should
they choose to extend drain intervals using AMSOIL lubricants in place of an original
equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendation. For more information on Warranty Secure, click

Finally, an update on the Vehicle Graphics Program wrapped things up, so to speak.
The program’s aim is to create consistency in AMSOIL dealer vehicle wrap design. The
intent is that a more uniform appearance will improve overall awareness of the AMSOIL brand and
increase sales.

I always learn so much from the AMSOIL staff, and I'm very appreciative of them - great people!

About the Author: Tom Kingston is the Owner and Founder of, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer.


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